Command line TrueBASIC and the Linux Wine environment outside the TBEditor

It does not take long to realize that TrueBASIC is not the TBEditor nor 'Windows Programming', TrueCtrl (TC), etc but is in fact (ALL Versions) encapsulated in the subsystem tbsystem.exe

Within the Linux Wine (linux command line) environment TrueBASIC source may be compiled or run from the command line with:

wine tb_system -i C://WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/FILENAME.TRU (more below)

I changed the name of the tbsystem.exe in my wine environment and in the example above I placed the program source in the system folder for wine. The -i switch allows for (more or less) seamless operation; the source may also be a 'compiled' source file (TRC extent).

Any editor may be used to create TrueBASIC source files (TRU extent) but a couple of file points must be kept in mind; both have to do with Microsoft idiosyncrasies.

The line end marker in DOS|Windows text files ( in hex '0A0D' ) and appearing in a VIM editor session as ^M (CR \r marker) and the ^Z (file end marker) are typical MSDOS file line end marking dating back to forever; in fact to the ASR-33 TTY... one code to advance the platten (\n linefeed) and one code to return the carriage (\r carrier return).

TrueBASIC (tbsystem.exe) will choke on the source file giving various errors depending where it occurs if the superfluous ^M markers are missing from the line ends. In a VIM editing session they may be added manually with:
Ctrl-V Ctrl-M

Many editing tricks are available to make sure the MSDOS line end markers are present in the unix environment, even including utilities that add them later. I also add the file end marker ^Z at the very end of the file with:
Ctrl-V Ctrl-Z

TrueBASIC is not about 'Windows Programming' nor is it about a particular Silver, Gold, nor Bronze editor; TrueBASIC is about the compiler|interpreter found in the tbsystem.exe file. If invoked from a Linux|Unix Desktop launcher icon without a source file reference (Wine environment) then a dialogue box opens allowing the user to select a source file for 'run' or 'compile'. (bind is also an option) If tbsystem is invoked as noted above from a launcher icon then the TrueBASIC program will run (normal output window) more or less seamlessly allowing icon launched programs as well as command line launch.