Running TrueBASIC in Wine-3.0 on Mint Linux a mostly very positive experience

My experience running TrueBASIC (bronze) v6.007 TBEditor, with TBSystem.exe has been a relatively positive experience overall; only minor difficulties all of which were easily overcome.

I have finally finished reading through this entire forum for historical context (and technical clues) and have come to understand that NONE of the bugs I've experienced running TrueBASIC are new, and none of them is related directly nor indirectly to the Wine environment; in fact, based on historical context, my installation in the Wine environment over linux mint actually runs better than TrueBASIC running over the 'real' windows platforms (strange if not ironic). This is true both for Wine and DOS in a Box. The legacy editor, as well interpreter|compiler are also very stable and workable on my linux mint system.

The above report is meant to be an encouragement for those clamouring for native mac and linux versions-- the source does not exist, so until we can rebuild the core language for platform independence (C++, CLang) the Linux environment in Wine-3.0 seems to be the best intermediate solution for continuing to use TrueBASIC.



Nice to hear...

Sorry for late reply.

This is encouraging to hear, thanks for your post.

You still have issues with a 100% CPU core under Wine I presume?

I have lots of experience with Linux servers, but have not really done that much with Linux desktop computing until now. Is Wine + TB easy to set up?