Set default output window title?

Hi, is it possible to set the default output window title to the name of my app instead of True BASIC All editions?


Ok, looks like I need to

Ok, looks like I need to create a new window instead of using the default output window, using tc_win _create, in the ctx.trc lib, and add a title to it.


I don't know whether you have Silver or Gold, in which case I found this in the manual:

You can set or change a title to a window with the TC_Win_SetTitle routine:

CALL TC_Win_SetTitle (wid, title$)

The manual mentions you must have added the "title" option in TC_Win_Create:

CALL TC_Win_Create (wid, “close size title”, .1, .9, .1, .9)

The helpfile supplied with Bronze 6 mentions the TC_Win_SetTitle subroutine, but it does not seem to be mentioned in in the BronzeTC's manual, so I am not so sure whether it is available for Bronze users or not.

So, it seems it can only be changed when using TC/BronzeTC control library.

Thanks vvdleun, I have the

Thanks vvdleun, I have the Silver Edition, and thanks, i will check it out. !