Masterminds of Programming book

Since the "Back to BASICs" book was mentioned recently (a book that I really would love to read), I thought I should share this:

I just found out about the "Masterminds of Programming: Conversations with the Creators of Major Programming Languages" book by O'Reilly, released in 2009. I think the book was released just before True Basic company was sold to their new (current) owners.

It contains a very interesting interview with Thomas E. Kurtz, which I always thought of friendly, interesting and inspiring person, but the book contains many interview swith other interesting persons as well, like Chuck Moore, the inventor of Forth.

Mr. Kurtz mentions they used XVT library to get TB working on Windows and Mac and that the company behind it went bankrupt. He also mentions that they had only one programmer working on TB at that time. He obviously was proud of the language itself.

The full book can be found on, but since I doubt the legality of that, I have bought my own copy to read on my Kobo e-reader.