Old Graphics (3.0) on Windows

I have a large number of graphics-generating programs that were written on TB version 3.0. Most of them (but not all) will not run properly in windows. No error message; they just don't generate the right graphics. In some cases, colors aren't right, or are non-existant. In one recent test program (written just for the simplicity of it), a spectrum of 15 colored "box fills" just produce black area.

Is there some graphic adaptatin needed?



TB version 3.xxx Graphics

RLC ... TB ver 5.xxx doesn't contain the SET MODE "graphics" command. Does your version 3 graphics programs contain this program line?

Windows TB ver 5.xxx implements SET MODE "string_var", where "string_var" is one of the following:


COLOR256 is the string the produces a palette of 256 colors. You need to read your TB manual (Chapter 18 for Silver or Gold) to see the detailed information for these strings. My program COLOR256C.TRU puts the 256 color swatches on the computer monitor, and assigns them a number, from zero to 255.

Interestingly, COLOR256 doesn't render 256 unique color numbers. Some colors are duplicates of other color numbers. True BASIC Inc bought the "256 colors" from an outside source - and got screwed!! Regards ... Tom M

Old DOS graphics

Like you, I have hundreds of programs written in TB version 3.04 and they all work with TB version 5.x.

Send me a sample (hopefully short) of a program that doesn't work and Iwill see if I can spot the trouble. My e-mail address is engine@clara.net

Big John