Printing Problems

We have an XP domain environment with a print server running Windows Server 2003. the lab where this software is installed had an HP laserjet 4100 printer that the was the device for the workstations to print to. Recently that printer died, and was replaced with an HP laserjet 4250 printer. Since the hook up of that printer, there have been issues when the students print from True Basic but not from any other program. Is there a driver or printer incompatibility we have? is there something I am doing wrong?


Printing problems

techhelp ... You didn't say what version of True BASIC you are using. Since you're running Windows XP, I would assume you're using TB Bronze, Silver or Gold. Which one?

Have you clicked on the "Page Setup" menu item in the File menu? And if you have, does your current printer model appear in the dialog box?

Do you have access to a stand alone (local) printer you can use to see if it will print program output?

I like to use the low cost Samsung laser printers, which cost me between $50 and $80 - for example the Samsung ML-2510. I also have a Canon MF-4150 laser duplex (2-sided) printer that works with TB versions Regards ... Tom M