True Basic 5.603 Beta for Windows


I downloaded True Basic 5.603 Beta for Windows.

I have the following situations:

The SIMPLETEST program RUNS and SAVEs but does not COMPILE. I get TBEDITOR.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING. I then must close the program.

I wrote:

let a=2
let b=3
let c=a+b
print "c=";c
print a+10

This worked but when I went back to the window with the program I got a small gray window showing only two lines at a time on a white background. The program did not COMPILE. The same thing happened as above.

I tried to install "TBiltLayout Tool Windows (TBiltSetup.exe)". I got NTVDM.EXE HAST STOPPED WORKING. I then closed.

The help file does not work. I got " Subscript out of bounds. 3379 in show_tutrials in Main program, 3349 in source_window_helpmenu in Main program, 427 in Main program". I do not know what this means.

Any help will be appreciated.



TB editor 5.603


The new TB editor has a time limit of 30 days and will stop working after that time.

The TBILT program was designed for use with versions up to 5.42. TBILT has been replaced with FORMS which can be accessed from the help menu in the new editor. However, you need to have the DLL files installed for FORMS to work. Release 5.504 includes these DLL files (see bug reports). I expect to release version 5.604 very soon.

The problem with installing the DLL files also applies to the Tutorial program that was included in the 5.603 package. This is because the tutorial program was compiled under a previous version of TB.

Big John