True Basic 5.603 Beta for Windows


I downloaded True Basic 5.603 Beta for Windows.

I have the following situations:

The SIMPLETEST program RUNS and SAVEs but does not COMPILE. I get TBEDITOR.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING. I then must close the program.

I wrote:

let a=2
let b=3
let c=a+b
print "c=";c
print a+10

This worked but when I went back to the window with the program I got a small gray window showing only two lines at a time on a white background. The program did not COMPILE. The same thing happened as above.

I tried to install "TBiltLayout Tool Windows (TBiltSetup.exe)". I got NTVDM.EXE HAST STOPPED WORKING. I then closed.

The help file does not work. I got " Subscript out of bounds. 3379 in show_tutrials in Main program, 3349 in source_window_helpmenu in Main program, 427 in Main program". I do not know what this means.

Any help will be appreciated.



Version 5.603


I have answered your queries elsewhere. Some of my previous posts also refer to some of the problems you have encountered. Very shortly I expect to release version 5.604 which addresses all of the known problems.

There are a number of problems with the TrueCtrl TextEdit control object on which the new editor is based. I anticipated re-writing the code for a new TextEdit object so that I could include it in the next release, but it has taken me longer than I expected, so I will release version 5.604 very soon, even though it is still based on the troublesome TextEdit object.

Big John