Versions and DLL files

TrueBASIC versions up to and including 5.42 used a GUI interface called XVT. Any executable programs generated by these versions of TB all required certain DLL files to be present in the Windows/System directory.

For TB silver:

For TB gold

TrueBASIC version 5.5xx addresses Windows APIs directly rather than using a third party interface. As a result, executable programs developed under this version do not require any DLL files. However, it is important to remember that if these new programs "CHAIN" to earlier programs then the DLL files will be required. The alternative is to re-compile and bind old programs using version 5.5xx.

TrueBASIC version 5.6xx is based on version 5.5xx so it doesn't need the DLL files either. The only difference between version 5.5xx and 5.6xx is that the editor has been changed and some additional features have been added to the editor. The "System" files remain the same.

Big John