Order True Basic Silver 5.5 (book + CD for $195.00

According to Karen Johnson I should submit contact form which I did. Would you please place order for True Basic Silver 5.5 (book and CD) for $195.00. I would like to place on credit card Visa - 4246040014789061 Exp4/11 Security Code 083 Please forward Book and CD to the Attn:Violeta Petkovska - 3401 Grays Ferry Avenue Phila. Pa. 19146.


TB version 5.5xxx CD & book.

Violeta ... When you get your order filled, you should visit the "Docs" folder when you want to search the TB Manual for words and/or phrases. The Docs folder contains two .pdf files, Silver_A.pdf and Silver_B.pdf. They contain an electronic duplicate of the TB Silver User Manual. I use these files frequently.

Since you apparently reside in or near Philadelphia - as I do - you can email me if you wish. Regards ... Tom M


Bob Brannock
Violeta: It is probably unwise to put your credit card confidential info on a public website. Tom M. is a real expert and very helpful.