Can't start my program

Hi there:

For the past couple of months I've had no problem but for the
past 24 hours, when I click to open my program, I'm getting:

Unspecified interpreter system error
539 in tc_setrect,316 in new_configure_editor,
5524 in configure_editor,87 in Main

the lower portion of the error box has a "continue" button
but when I click on it everything disappears, revealing the

I have Windows Vista . . . True Basic Bronze 5.42 . . . and
I continue to add programming each day.


- Norm Roth.


Trouble starting


It sounds like you have a corrupt TBEDIT.CFG file in the directory where you keep TB version 5.42

The simple solution might be to delete this file (or hide it in another directory).

What this file does is to tell TB what the last programs were that the user was working on. It also lists the working font and several other details such as your preferences for saving files etc. None of this is critical and TB has a set of built-in defaults anyway, so you should be safe to erase it.

Big John

Trouble Starting - additional

Thanks for your help, John.

I uninstalled my original True Basic program, then reinstalled it.
Unfortunately, I can't get the computer to recognize True Basic as
an "Open with" possibility. When the question arises "Choose the
program you want to use to open this file", True Basic is not
among the choices. By using the "browse" button, I can find True
Basic but "Open with" won't accept this choice. Any suggestions?

- Norm Roth.

Starting problems


Sorry, I am using XP so I can't help you with Vista. Maybe somebody else can help.

Big John

"Open with" problem

from Norm Roth:

I downloaded my version of True Basic that I had saved on a flash drive some time ago and I can now see "True Basic" among the program options to open a file.

Problem solved at this time.

- Norm.