how to make array 3D


2D A(i,j) -> MAT A
3D A(i,j,k) -> ?

How to make 3D array

3D array k=1 -> first page of the book
k=100 -> last page of the book
how to do you don't known number of pages in the book.

2D array contence of first page.

how solve this problem

thanks a lot


Hi Peter, First you must

Hi Peter,

First you must dimesion your array with:
DIM A(0,0,0)

Later in your program when you get to know how many "pages" there are, or when you know all the other dimesions the you can redimesion the array with:
MAT REDIM A(a,b,c)

Big John

Re: 3D arrays

peter ... Some time ago I created my only 3D array. It containd S-parameters (S11, S12, S21 and S22 of a broadband microwave amplifier) over a frequency range of several hundreds of megaHertz. The S-parameters are complex numbers, consisting of a real part and an imaginary part - or - a magnitude and a phase angle.

Accordingly, the 3D array dimensions were A(0 to 3, 0 to 3, 0 to n), where the third dimension was the number of frequencies at which the S-parameters were measured. I use OPTION BASE 0 when I work with arrays.

The s-parameter numbers in the array looked like a "brick" in 3-dimensional coordinates.

This is an example of a practical 3D array that actually did something useful. Regards ... Tom M