Current release version--Gold

What is the date of the current release 5.5 Gold version? Where does this version fall versus 5.5b22 (the version I'm currently using)--just downloaded the 5.603 beta editor.

Rick Tarara


Beta versions

Hi Rik,

The beta version 5.603 is out of date. I will be releasing version 5.604 in the next day or so. 5.603 has a bug in the compile routine as well as a bug in the Preferences window and the Find window. These have been resolved in version 5.604

Big John

Beta 5.604

Any update on when 5.604 might be available?

Release version?

OK John, I won't even unzip 5.603, but I'd still like to know where the current 5.5 released version falls relative to the last development version I got from Chris--5.5b22. Thanks.


Version 5.604

Hi Rik,

I sent off beta version 5.604 to TB HQ yesterday.

Big John

Release version

Hi Rik,

I didn't know that there was a version 5.5b22
I only have access to 5.5b19 which is dated 27 Feb 2005

Big John


Version dated May 2, 2006

I used to get updates regularly from Chris. I don't think this is much different from 5.5b19, but there are a few--see below (from the Read-Me file in b22)

Changes included in 5.5b22:

[BUG FIX] When setting serial port characteristics, defaults for parity or data bits are used only if the values haven't been specified explicitly.

Changes included in 5.5b21:

[BUG FIX] Dialog buttons in bound programs now same size as buttons in programs run from editor.

Changes included in 5.5b20:

[FEATURE] Added pen style to support Windows PS_INSIDEFRAME. (Makes pen behavior more Mac-like.)
[BUG FIX] Read_Image can now handle 16- and 32-bit-per-pixel images.


Version 5.5b22

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the info.

Big John