5.603 test

I'm running XP on a P4, 2.8GHz.

Tested 5.603 on a mapping program of mine and it worked perfectly but when I tried to quit by clicking on the corner X it would cycle back between the Save window and the main editor screen.

Finally got it to stop with the File--Exit command menu but it still asked about Save despite having done so repeatedly already.

Scrolling thru the program causes an annoying flash. I assume it rewrites everything each time.



Hi Roger, Both of the

Hi Roger,

Both of the problems you have experienced have been resolved in version 5.604 which I am about to release in the next day or so. The cause of the cycling problem is down to the SYS_EVENT routine which emits TWO "SELECT" events whenever a window is selected instead of just one "SELECT" event.

Sorry I can't do anything about the annoying "flash" as you scroll through a program. The text edit object is a Windows object and outside my control. However, I have written a duplicate of the text edit object using TB graphics and I will be releasing this in version 5.605 in a few weeks. In my version of the text edit object the text is written to a hidden window. I then BOX KEEP this window and BOX SHOW it in the current visible window. This cuts down the flashing considerably.

Big John