i work in a school and i use this program for class i am unable to have the kids save there files in a folder it give me an error no such file
1992 in saveas_source_window,1908 in save_source_window,638 in handle_menu_event, 296 in main program


Hi, What version are you


What version are you using? (Type version on the command line) Is it for the PC or the Mac? What edition are you using (Gold, Silver or Bronze)?

I assume you are using the SAVE AS option under the FILE menu in the editor.

Has your editor always had this problem?

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5.5b19 it is for a PC, Bronze, yes save as under the file menu


If you are on a school network, you might be running into permissions problems--that is, do students have write permissions to save from where TrueBasic resides to their own volumes? If this is simply saving to floppies or memory sticks, there really should be no problem unless you have a trial version of TrueBasic (didn't some 'free' versions prohibit saving--or was it just a limitation on length of files?) Not sure--been using Gold versions since the Amiga version!


we checked the permissions

we checked the permissions for the users they are all right it allows us to save in there personal drive but will not allow them to save into a folder in that drive. It dose not matter how big the file is and if you try to save to a folder i forgot to mention it only saves a file called debug

Hi, The SAVE AS option works


The SAVE AS option works fine on my version of 5.5b19

Looking at the editor code it would seem the only opportunity for the error messages to appear is if the files are READ/WRITE protected or if the file name uses unacceptable characters such as punctuation or CTRL characters. (Is the CTRL key sticky?)

Big John

I made a simply program on

I made a simply program on my laptop using that program i have the right permission to my account, i saved it as "basic". and i ma not having any problems with my CTRL key

Save As


If you save your file as "basic". complete with the quote marks and the full stop, then you will get an error message because it is an illegal filename.

You mentioned that you can save a file called DEBUG. This is just a list of error messages associated with the attempt to save a file. It proves that TB can save files as long as they have legal names.

Try calling your file BASIC.TRU (without quotes).

Try saving your program with the default title UNTITLED to see if this works.

In the SAVE AS file selector box, does it have the correct destination folder shown? At the bottom of the file selector there is a box that allows you to specify the type of file - select ALL FILES, then check which other files are in the destination folder.

Big John

sorry for the confusion i am

sorry for the confusion i am not using quotes. i just quoted what the name of the file i was trying to save. i open up true basic i make a easy
( print"dog"
end) file i go to save as i chose my map drive that saves all my work on to the school network, i make a folder called basic, i try to save my project in that folder called dog.tru but it give me an error that i previously worte to you and if i go to that folder were i tryed to save the project there is a file there called TBDEBUG. The program only allows me to save in the immediate drive not in any of the folders. sorry for the confusion and if i wasnt clear before


I'm confused as to exactly how you are saving. Are you on a windows machine, saving from the editor? Try a save-as, that opens a windows dialog where you can navigate through your drives and folders. If you do that, I can't see why it wouldn't save. If you are trying something else, then my thought is that you have not completely specified the full path to the folder that you want. I know that reading files from within True Basic from a network can be tricky because of this, and I use:


to determine the full path from which the program I'm executing resides -- needed if I have folders for graphic or text files inside the current folder.

I wouldn't think you are saving from within the program so this probably won't help. If you haven't done a SAVE AS try that.


yes i am on a windows

yes i am on a windows machine trying to save a code i wrote in the program threw save as. it is not allowing me to save in any folders in my school mapdrive we check all the permissions and everything is only allows me to save in my immediate drive none, if i try to save it in to a folder it gives me an error and save a file tbdebug and in that file it just states the same error message i got when i tried to save.


If you go ahead and save to the immediate drive, can you then copy the *.tru file (btw, be sure you are saving the files with that extension) to the desired location from within the Windows framework (exit TrueBasic)--My Computer/My Documents or the like?


that is what i am doing

that is what i am doing right now but why wont it just save it in to folder i want it to??

Re: Save as

dtassone ... What do you see in the "Save in:" dialog box when you want to save a TB program listing to a remote folder on your network drive? Put it - or them if more than one - in your next Forum message.

You should be able to navigate to the folder on the network via the Save in: dialog box. If you can't, you need to ask ther network administrator to help you troubleshoot your problem.

I assume you know how to navigate - on your computer - to a folder under - let's say - My Documents/foldername/subfoldername etc. and save your "program listing filename" in the folder subfoldername. If you've never tried this before please try it and let us know if the "program listing filename" got stored in folder subfoldername, under My Documents. Regards ... Tom M