beta version 5.604

There is a bug in version 5.604 when opening an existing file immediately after closing any current file. This bug existed in all previous versions and has just come to light.

If you attempt to open existing files then version 5.604 will allow up to 10 files to be open simultaneously. Everything appears to work normally. The bug occurs when you close any file that is currently visible. Now when you try to open a file then the new editor crashes.

This bug has been traced and corrected in version 5.605 which I intend to release in a day or two.

There is apparently a bug that causes some text to be misplaced after running any program that uses SGLIB.TRC. I have not been able to duplicate this bug, but if it is real then it is likely that SGLIB in some way resets the logical window co-ordinates of the current window - hence the displacement of text.

Big John