There are only 15 colors in TB Bronze. Do Silver and Gold have more colors to use?


256 colors TB program listing ...

cathiejr ... Please excuse for not getting back to you sooner. Below is the TB code to get the colors produced by SET MODE "color256". Enjoy! Regards ... Tom M

! filename: color256c.tru, tjm, 07-20-03
SET MODE "color256"
SET WINDOW 1, 17, 1, 17
LET cv = -1
FOR r = 1 to 16
FOR c = 1 to 16
LET cv = cv + 1
BOX AREA c, c+1, r, r+1
SET COLOR 1 ! "white"
PLOT TEXT, AT c, r: STR$(cv)
SET COLOR 0 ! "black"
PLOT TEXT, AT c, r+0.5: STR$(cv)


Re: colors

cathiejr ... TB Bronze supports 256 colors. My program listing COLOR256C.TRU displays all of them on the monitor, and identifies each of them with a color number, from zero to 255. The programming line SET MODE "COLOR256" MUST be in the program listing. Email me requesting a plain-text program listing.

I also have a TB program COLOR216.TRU which displays a set of the so-called "web-safe colors". Regards ... Tom M

colors and other stuff

Yes i would like to have the program that makes the color chart.

Also , is there a similar library that you have to use to get the music to play. I have used read music$ and play music$ in a do while more data loop and data lines that contained the notes etc. THe programs run but nothing plays. I am wondering if there is a library for this or some different command to make this work in Bronze.


Yes. You have a basic set of 256 colors, any of which can be re-defined, and you can display as many colors as your graphics card can support. One can create and store 256 color palettes to match your needs and/or use a single color number and change the color mix on the fly. That is, you can plot or box show objects of a given color, change the color mix, show another object, etc. You can do that pixel by pixel, if you wish, producing a million or so colors on a given screen. Silver and Gold (have never dealt with Bronze so I'm unsure of the limitation) can also display bmp and jpg images of infinite colors.