executing true basic

i downloaded truebasic to my pc...and when i try to run it, it tells me to change the name to truebasic.exe...but it still won't run. any ideas?


Re: truebasic.exe

tutorboy ... If you downloaded the "Free & Demo" version of TB it is named "BrDemSetup.exe". I keep that "bound" file on my computer desktop, just for fun.

Where did you download your TB file from? You likely don't have the required .dll files installed. Regards ... Tom M

re: executing TBasic

More details needed. What is the file you downloaded--is it the zipped file?(that has to be unzipped and produces a folder). What version of TrueBasic.

1) file name of what you downloaded.
2) what you've done with that file?
3) what file did you try and run and got the message to rename the file to truebasic.exe?
4) exactly what was that message--was it generated by Windows or TrueBasic (if you can tell).