PostScript journaling font selection

I've been playing with PostScript journaling in True Basic Gold 5.42 (to replace TB2's PICT journaling capability using Copy_PictFile) using both the Mac Classic version and the Windows version in Crossover Mac (different machines, of course). The graphics work fine (well, MAT PLOT is ignored, but a PLOT LINES loop works) but all the text in the PostScript file is in 12-point Courier despite having been specified as various sizes and faces of Helvetica (and displaying correctly on screen) using the OBJECT subroutine.

Is there something else I should be doing to set the font and style in the PostScript journal, or is this a bug that is fixed in more recent versions? Also, is there some way to insert the font encoding into the PostScript file? The glyphs for the degree symbol, for instance, occur at different character codes in ANSI encoding (default) and MacRoman encoding (what I use on the Mac) so what the PostScript file displays is an upside-down exclamation point.

I realize I could save graphics using BOX KEEP, but it seems a pity to give up the resolution and compactness of vector graphics for bulky, jaggy bitmaps. Thanks for any help.