TC controls and Win xp

Tc control in ver 5.1 TB silver seem to crash a program that continuously loops taking in data from COM ports.

When I remove both TC pushbuttons and set color mix from the loop then the program runs perfectly

Question, is TB sliver ver 5.1 compatible with Win XP?

If not is there an upgrade for true_controls library file?

many thanx


Version 5.1


Version 5.1 is very old and has a number of bugs in the editor as well as the TrueCTRL library. You need to update to at least version 5.31 (and its associated TrueCTRL library) or greater, but not version 5.5b19.

Big John

Ver silver 5.1

thanks B John,
where does one get ver 5.5 silver? When I purchased ver 5.1 no one mentioned that it had bugs in it then.

I am due to release my software internationlaly. I have rebuilt my own true controls, they dont look good but they work. Unfortunately at the end of the program the True Basic logo comes up. Users are going to
think TB has poor GUI's.

Should I proceed with release?