Right-Click Menus

I seem to remember reading that Big John had added right-click menus (cut, copy, paste, etc.) to the new editor when text is selected but it doesn't work for me. Also, is it too late to request a short list of most recently opened files in the Files menu?


Hi Tom, The right click menu

Hi Tom,

The right click menu is only available with a version of the new editor that uses my special TextEdit control, i.e. a duplicate that doesn't use the OBJECT sub-routine. I hope to launch this version soon.

In the meantime a number of bugs have been reported that I can do nothing about because they are inside version 5.5b19. I have changed things around so that I can use version 5.31 (or 5.42) so all these bugs have now been cured. I expect to release 5.606 in a few days.

The WINDOWS menu keeps track of currently open files. I could arrange for it to list the most recently used files too, but the total capacity of the list is limited to 17 files. I could arrange for the recently used but not currently open files to be greyed out. Any use to you?

Big John