Calling DLLs and FTOUCH

I posted a similar question to the forum yesterday but see the forums have been in and out lately. I assume it's part of ongoing site maintenance. I thought I'd try again.

My question concerns calling DLLs (in this case written in C and compiled with Visual Studio 2008). I’ve got a test DLL compiled and verified its function export table. The function name is undecorated and looks set to be called just fine. The test function doesn’t currently do anything as I’m simply trying to see if I can successfully call it or not. I’ve tested it with a simple program written in C and it works. Now, when I set up a test calling program in True BASIC and call the function in the DLL, the program crashes. I’ve followed the instructions in Chapter 24 of the TB Gold manual but to no avail. I’m not able to find any examples anywhere so am grasping in the dark at this point. Is there a way to tell is FTOUCH.exe is working or not? Does anyone have any working examples?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time,
Ben Larson
Ecotope Inc,
Seattle, WA