I have a few questions before placing an order for an upgrade

>The current editor (version 5.5b19) is an amalgam of legacy code and a succession of add-on patches.......
If so, then how about a free upgrade to this version. I purchased the TBPro v4.02 and pay-upgraded it to TBGold V5.41 long ago, but I have never received any sequential window version upgrades.

>....it addresses Windows APIs directly and does not use the XVT interface.....
Does this mean, True Basic can handle unicode, by any chance? or does this mean the computational speed of a new version is as fast as that of the DOS version True Basic, which is about 2 times faster than the one (v5.41) I have, and I am still very much depending on the DOS version with its far superior user interfaces and its speed (I am a physicist).
What does API do generally? I heard the faster copying file speed.....

>version 5.5b19
If I pay-upgrade it to v5.5b19 (I am sorry to say this but no dll’s are required for a bound executable didn’t really impress me for another $100 pay-upgrade), do I need to pay-upgrade to the one you are working on now? or should I wait until it finishes? I will place an order soon if the next upgrade you are currently working on is also a free upgrade.

What would be the general future policy of upgrade, like duraiton, or the fixed numbers of upgrades, or major changes in True basic as in unicode support, and etc.


Big John; FYI, I run TB DOS

Big John;

FYI, I run TB DOS and TB Silver under Win XP. The .dll files are a nuisance because I'm always forgetting to provide them to others.


TB DOS under WinXP

Hi Roger,

How do you manage to run TB DOS under WinXP because the DOS provided with XP disables the mouse and plays havoc with the DOS editor. Dos in a box doesn't work either.

Big John

Big John; I don't know but

Big John;

I don't know but it does work.

I use Stereo Shell but that shouldn't matter because it's just a navigation shell for DOS.

I do know it won't give me 80x25 mode but other than that, no problem.


New versions

Hi Ryan,

These are my personal views and not necessarily TB company policy.

It has always been my view that up-grades within a particular edition should be free and automatic, i.e. up-grades that are essentially bug fixes and offer no additional features should be free to existing purchasers. When a new edition is released that contains one or more new features and/or new libraries then it is acceptable that a charge should be levied.

Editions between 5.1 and 5.42 more or less fit into the category of bug fix releases. Version 5.5b19 is different because it is the first release that addresses Windows APIs directly rather than using the XVT graphical interface, so it could be considered as containing a new feature. However, version 5.5b19 has a number of bugs that are unlikely to be fixed in the near future. In my experience version 5.31 is probably the most stable version in existence.

Version 5.5b19 is free of the dependence on DLL files to run executable programs. This advantage has to be weighed against the bugs and the additional cost.

Anyone who has ever used the DOS version will appreciate the simplicity and robustness of that edition. Many users, like you and me would continue to use this version, but recent versions of MS Windows such as Vista and XP do not provide a version of DOS that will run TB. In practice the DOS version of TB is now defunct through no fault of its own.

The new editor that I have been working on attempts to preserve most of the useful features of the existing editor, and to incorporate some of the features of the DOS editor as well as offering some new features, such as FORMS automatic code writing.

The TB editor is basically a text editor with built-in access to a particular version of the interpreter/compiler. The new editor started out based on version 5.5b19 but this has changed recently to version 5.31 because the bugs in 5.5b19 automatically appeared in the new editor. Third party editors, such as Crimson, can be also be used but the link to the interpreter/compiler is not built-in.

I hope this paints a clearer picture on which to base your decisions.

Big John

TB Dos under Win XP

Tb Dos runs fine on both my Windows XP PC and also on my Vista PC. I use TameDOS a program available from http://www.tamedos.com.
For XP use version 5. If you are running Vista use version 6 which is still in beta form, yet works flawlessly on my machines. It's well worth the $25.00. Occasionally I like to slip back in time and run such programs as WordStar v4. There are one or two Dos programs that won't run in Vista using TameDOS, but they work fine in DosBox. Give TameDOS a go.


new version

>Version 5.5b19 ...addresses Windows APIs directly rather than using the XVT graphical interface.
I see.

>the DOS version of TB is now defunct through no fault of its own.
I simply run it from DOS 6.22, it is no big deal under the multi-booting computer. TB DOS is about 15% faster than the DOS pascal compiler, about 3% faster than the DOS C compiler done under the single precision, TB DOS rocks for what i do. I think I became the master of a True Basic keyboard operation.

I am a physicist, the numerical analysis doesn't really need anything else, and it is boring in these days, yes.

I also like the high resolution TBGold for windows too, the high resolution makes me excited.

>The new editor
I see, the new upgrade that they are currently working on would be the v5.5b19(API) + bringing back TB DOS editor's user-interface + forms.