5.606 bugs

Editor windows (FIND, CHANGE, etc.) don't work properly. Moving Find window blanks the main editor window. These edit command windows won't stay on top and won't work on highlighted areas--tough even to try that.

Not clear from the Read-Me what direction this editor is taking. I certainly don't want to go back to version 5.31 of the language. Won't go back to dll required bound versions. Of course, one could take a finished file over to the newest language version release, but that isn't (I think) the idea here. Can the editor itself end up using a different language version than the program being written. That is, can the editor reference 5.31 to run the editor features, but access a 5.5 version for running the program being written?



Binding with version 5.606

I can confirm that it is now possible to use the 5.5b19 version of TBsystem.EXE to create bound programs that do not need the 3 DLL files. This feature will be incorporated into version 5.607. The fact that the editor itself is bound with version 5.31 TBsystem.EXE only affects the performance of the editor and not the programs created with the editor.

Big John

Binding to selected version


Is there any easy way to setup the editor to use whatever version of the main language one has. That is, will it simply reference the tbsystem.exe (I think that is the language module, although I also have a TBGOLD.exe for the same edition). That way one could use an older or newer version of one's choice. There are a few minor fixes to the language past 5.5b19. It would be nice if b22 could be made available to all in the future. Possible?


Binding with the new editor

Hi Rik,

Sorry about the delay, but i am touring the Australian outback at present and it is sometimes difficult to use the Internet.

The new editor looks for the TBsystem.exe file in the same folder as the TBeditor is launched from. Whatever version of the TBsystem file that resides in that folder will be the one used for binding. You also need a matching version of bindwin.rtp in the same folder. If you wish to use version 5.5b22 then you must have TBsystem.exe and bindwin.rtp for version 5.5b22 in the same folder as TBeditor.exe (version 5.607).

The only difference between version 5.607 and 5.606 is that the CHAIN command in version 5.607 works with TBsystem.exe for all versions, whereas 5.606 only works for TBsystem.exe versions up to 5.42.

Big John

Version 5.606

Hi Rick,

I will look into the FIND/CHANGE problem you reported. The root of the problem lies in the TextEdit control. Basically the TextEdit control doesn't like any BOX instructions such as BOX KEEP and BOX SHOW which both clear the text current being displayed. The problems you describe are the result of "work-arounds" that don't always work.

I have never considered a "mixed version" editor before - simply because the compiler/interpreter was built into the editor itself. Now that the editor has been separated from the compiler/interpreter there is no reason why the editor cannot be bound with version 5.31 while running programs using version 5.5b19. I will test out this assumption and let you know if it works.

Big John

Version 606?

How are we supposed to make meaningful reports if we don't have the latest beta? The last one I see available is 605 but the above message is about 606. BJ must be getting obsolete error reports sent by people who don't have the latest beta. This wastes his time weeding them out and it wastes our time as testers.