5.606 Editor Won't open.

This seems to be a problem with the tbeditx.cfg file--at least I fixed it by reinstalling this file. More likely, a problem with how the editor handles error in this file. What happened is that when I tried to start the editor today, I got a file not found error and then the editor aborted. There was a cfg file in the directory, one that had been modified. I'm assuming the editor couldn't find a source file--but instead of giving up and opening a new window, it refused to open altogether. I reinstalled the beta to another directory, checked files, and found only the cfg file had changed, so I copied it into my working directory and that fixed the problem.

So--check the behavior of the editor when it can't find a file--probably a source file (sorry didn't jot down the line number). Will see if I can get the error to repeat.


TBeditor unspecified interpreter system error

I received a link to download the beta externally to this website. Now I am having trouble with running the program.

The editor will not run. The installer runs and then crashes when loading the editor with this error:

Unspecified interpreter system error.
3029 in truecontrols expandmenuarray, 2410 in tc_menu_set, 128 in create_help_window, 227 in Main program.
The editor will now abort.

The program that I downloaded is:
TBBeta5.605Setup.exe (9,831,519 bytes)
It was installed in the “C:\Program Files\NewTBsilver” directory

I have a previous versions of TB Gold installed on my system already
Version 5.5b19
Installed in “C:\TB_Gold_5.5” directory

I can’t seem to find the CTX library either.

version 5.605


What operating system are you using. If it is VISTA then you need to install the new editor in any folder other than program files. VISTA 'protects' applications in Program files and marks all files read/write protected which prevents the editor from reading the configuation file.


Big John

re:5.606 other comments

New (old) editor has lost the SET ALIAS menu choice and I don't remember how to do so from scratch.

I also can't seem to get the editor to remember the last file I worked on so that it opens next time with that file--although I think (not sure) that was part of the problem noted in the message above. What needs to be set to do this--or can it be done?



Hi Rick,

The SET ALIAS feature is not available with version 5.606. This because version 5.606 can be bound with any version of the TBsystem file. Previous versions had to be bound with a "special" binder that also added a whole bunch of routines to the editor code. One of these routines in the special binder performed the SET ALIAS function. There is only one version of the special binder that still exists. Unfortunately this special binder only works with version 5.5b19 and as a result the new editor inherits all the bugs from version 5.5b19. Version 5.606 cured this inheritance problem at the expense of the SET ALIAS feature.

In order to save the last file you were using you ned to quit the editor by selecting EXIT under the FILE menu.

I have noted your comments about what happens when the editor cannot find a file in the hot-start list.

Big John