Can I edit format.tru?

I am using TB Silver v5.42. I want to edit the format.tru file to change the indents like I could do in the old DOS version. Now it is baked into the main exe file of the program. Is there any way of getting into it to do the editing? Can I for example pull it out in a new subroutine to be called by some suitable keyboard shortcut, or something like that?
Folke Stenman



Hi Folke,

Normally the editor will call the internal DO FORMAT routine built into the editor executable program. In order to use the external version of DO FORMAT that you have edited, you need to select DO.... from the menu rather than DO FORMAT. This will allow you to select the external file version.

Big John

Editing Format.tru

Sure you can edit it. it's just a regular TB text file. If you make changes you'd like to be permanent, compile it then save format.trc to the same folder where the old one is (I'd make a copy of the originals of both format.tru and format.trc before changing either one). After that, when you DO FORMAT, your program will be run rather than the old one.