Controls properties

Is it possible to change the background colours of controls, especially rdio buttons, so they match the colour of the window? Also to change the font type and size of the controls font? I have been looking at the Object library but cannot figure it out.

Thanks in advance


Fonts and colors with TrueCtrls

Hi Dave,

No it is not possible to change the fonts or colors with TrueCtrl objects such as radio buttons, or anything else. However I do have a library module called CTX which essentially duplicates all the TrueCtrl objects, and does allow the user to specify the fonts and colors for every object. There are also additional objects available, e.g. a right click floating menu, and a multi-column list object. Push buttons can also be decorated with images as well as text. This library will probably be released at the same time as the new editor. In fact the new editor uses CTX rather than TrueCtrl.

A similar library called TDX duplicates all the dialog boxes in TrueDial and allows the user more control over fonts and colors.

Big John

New Editor

Thanks John
I hope the new editor will be out sometime soon.