TB Bronze - Drawing a curved line

Hi, I'm no expert with TB, as you can see I am still using the bronze edition. I was introduced to it in my computer programming class (which I am still currently in) and I am working on my final project. I created a fighting game. It's simple and sweet, I didn't have time for animation, plus it's too time-consuming to do onthe bronze edition.

Back on topic,
I need to create a title screen for the game which I am calling "Wasteland Warriors" and I really don't want the whole thing boxy looking (It looks like straight up crap).
So if anyone could tell me how to draw a curved line, it would be awesome. I google searched and there is absolutely nothing about true basic out there lol.
Thanks in advance!

Feel free to save me time by drawing it if you feel up to it, but I highly doubt it so the code would be awesome :)


Re: curved lines ...

sct4life ... TB Bronze contains a library file 'arclib.tru' in its TBLibs folder. That draws curved lines for you. Check it out.

TB Bronze doesn't come with TrueCtrl or TrueDial librarys. You need TB Silver or Gold for those. Regards ... Tom M


There are several ways to add fancy titles, but the easiest is to use a drawing program or even Word-Art in M$ Word. If the latter, capture an image of the text into the drawing program, then save as either a bit-mapped (.bmp) or j-peg (.jpg) image. You can then use the read_image command (which I assume is available in the Bronze version) to read the image into your program as a box-image. You can then use box-show to display it.

for example

CALL read_image("MS BMP",title$,"title.BMP")
BOX SHOW title$ at 1,1

where 'title.bmp' is the stored image file.

Another approach, if Bronze has the True-Controls library available, is simply scale up your font.

CALL TC_Win_SetFont (WID,"Courier New",12,"bold")

You can choose font and size and other properties--see your documentation.

To actually draw curved lines you would need to write equations for the curves and then use PLOT to draw them. You might be able to do something with box circle, box ellipse, box area, box disk, and box lines, but that would take a little more work.


I have a question about

I have a question about this, do I have to save it in a certain place? Because I made a title but I end up with the error "no such file".

I'm using:

CALL read_image("MS BMP",title$,"title.BMP")
BOX SHOW title$ at 1,1

I even saved it as title.bmp so I wouldn't have to change anything.

File location

It turns out (I think this is correct), that when running from the program from the editor, any file to be loaded can be in the same directory as the program without further specification. If you store some file, graphics for example, in a GRAPHICS folder then GRAPHICS/filename will locate the file. However, when bound, the program seems to want the complete path name. In Silver and Gold you can use the the true control function:


vals() needs to be dimensioned dim vals(6) works,
then I use the following to setup a string that will automatically locate the bound program.


Since I put all graphics in a subdirectory, I then define that path using

LET gdir$ = dir$&"GRAPHICS\"

So with title.bmp in the Graphics directory I would use.

CALL read_image("MS BMP",title$,"gdir$&title.BMP")

I've never worked with the Bronze edition (all the way back to the Amiga version of TB!) so I'm not sure, but it may be that you are going to have to specify the full path for the title.bmp file. If run from the editor however, just put the file in the same directory as your program.


Thanks guys, this really

Thanks guys, this really helped.