How do i make a game in true basic bronze


I'm trying to learn how to make a game in true basic and i want to know how i would do so. Could like someone give the starting code and i can learn some more.



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Modibo ... The Internet contains very many Microsoft BASIC games one can download. I suggest you search for them, and then convert the BASIC program listing(s) to True BASIC program listings. That's the easy way to get started with game programs. The BtoTB converter that comes with all versions of True BASIC might do 90 percent of the conversion before you need to debug and edit the program code. Regards ... Tom M


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Your question is way too vague for anyone to answer, but I'll offer this bit of advice. If you want animation in your game, you really need to move up to the Silver or Gold versions of TrueBasic. As I understand it, Bronze does not include the TrueControls Library and without this you won't be able to do really smooth animation. To do so, you need to be able to setup two screens, one visible and one invisible. You then can manipulate your graphics in the invisible window and copy changed areas of the screen back onto the visible screen. With today's fast computers, that can be done at or close to (on PCs--TB is much slower at this with Macs) normal animation frame rates (24-30 times per second). If you will post your email address, I can send you some documentation I prepared on how to do this--documentation that appeared on old versions of the TrueBasic 'annual' CD.


Me Too

Rick could you send me the same documentation. I have the gold version and need to understand how to write to invisible windows better. A sample program would be fantastic. my email is