Help with downloading!

Hi, I bought true basic bronze edition (the one that is $29.99) as my professor instructed me too. However, I am very computer illiterate (thats why I am in an intro to computers course) and when i go to click download, nothing happens except a text box appears with weird symbols in a different language!! It will expire in a day, and I refuse to pay unless I can get it to work! This is horrible that there is no way to get assistance except through here :(
Someone please help me! Thanks!


Unable to Download

W. D. Allen

I too have been unable to download True Bronze Bronze after paying for it. Does True Basic monitor this forum?

Re: TB Bronze

cchaven ... You bought TB Bronze Edition for $30? It's $40, and it comes on a CD, by mail.

If it is available by download from True BASIC Inc., it might be discounted to $30; I got my copy (on CD) years ago.

A downloadable version would likely come as a Zip file, and the software would have to be "extracted" from the zipped file.

What kind of computer do you have? If it's a Macintosh you are in trouble unless its operating system is OSX Leopard. True BASIC versions Bronze, Silver & Gold are PC-compatible only.

If you can get your TB Bronze installed on yours or sombody else's PC computer you can see if that solves the mystery. Regards ... Tom M