absolute size of TB exe files

I have an exe file that fails if its total size strays over 3.6Mb ... it reports a Windows error .. if I just take 100 kb of lines of code out and it basically doesn't matter which lines of info text are removed, than the exe file functions perfectly ... so how do I expand my memory or my line limit to stop this happening ... this is a very large program with many libraries and modules all around 25000 line each.


absolute size?

Is the bound version failing to run or is the program failing to bind. These seem very large programs. If I remember right, there are a number of limitations (maybe now removed) that deal with 64k buffers. Seems like the main program (compiled) can't be longer than this, but by breaking a program down into modules you can have much larger programs. Its been my experience that 4000-5000 lines are about max before I have to break into modules--but this is about a program not binding. A bound program not running is hitting some other limit. Appendix H gives a list of limits, but without knowing details of your program it is hard to know if any apply. Some are the max number of open files (25) or the max dimensions in an array (255), or the maximum string length (size of memory on system, this would be processor available memory no disk space.) Also number of channels open at once (25). Do any of these apply?


memory size

Sometimes it fails after it is bound and sometimes during the course of a computation ... usually when calling a multi bar graph (ie as in 'call multibar' in the SGLib).
Either way it comes with an error and occasionally it spells it out as "out of memory (5000)" indicating that either TB has a memory limit or my 'virtual memory' is not large enough. If so, how does one expand "Virtual Memory" for TB (in a Windows 2000 system)?

Re: computer memory shortage

gpurvesb ... Assuming you have a PC computer, go to the Desktop and Explore on the "My Computer" desktop icon (right-click on the My Computer icon and then left-click on the Explore menu item that appears). Assuming your C-drive is where your TB program is located, right-click on it and left-click on the "Properties" menu item. Examine what gets displayed. You should see how much free memory you have on your C-drive. Report that to us.

If you have opened your TB program and dimensioned a string array it should be dimensioned as DIM a$(0), so your program doesn't assign any computer memory to your program before you RUN it. You can MAT REDIM your array(s) later, when you RUN your TB program. Regards ... Tom M

computer memory shortage

there is 53 Gb of free space on my C drive so that is not the problem ... it appears to be a problem of the maximum size (memory or number of lines being bound) that TB permits an exe file to have ... or Windows permits a TB exe file to have ...