Error Message

I was trying to run my program when I got:
"Ending doesn't match beginning"
What should i do to fix this?


Re: Ending ...

Poke722 ... If you need a True BASIC programming tutorial, you can Google 'true basic tuorial'. There are several helpful tutorials you can download. They also include useful program examples. Regards ... Tom M

Re: Ending doesn't match ...

Poke722 ... Your error message is explained in the TB Silver/Gold user's manual, in Appendiz C, and in the TB Bronze manual in Appendix D. Your programming problem is most likely in a FOR - NEXT loop or a IF - THEN - ELSE loop structure.

If you are using TB Bronze/Silver/Gold, and NOT the "free download" version, you can click on the Help facility and navigate to FOR and/or IF topic(s) for programming assistance.

Ultimately, you will have to examine and debug your program code lines. Regards ... Tom M