Printing failed

Hi, When i try to print code in true basic it gives me message print failed. I get the same error message when i try to do a print selection.

I am running true basic silver.

Can someone give me some help with this problem?



Re: Printing failed ...

BMCHSD ... I'm puzzled right now. If you don't mind emailing me with an attached TB plain text version of your code I'd be glad to try to debug your problem.

I have TB Silver version 5.41a (from the 2002 CD) and TB Gold versions 5.41a and 5.5b19. These TB versions haven't given me any problems in the years I've been using them. These days, I'm using a Canon MF4150 Laserjet duplex (2-sided) printer. Regards ... Tom M

Printing failed

Hi, Thanks for the response. I tried what you said and here is what happened. After i did the page setup and made sure the correct printer was selected it gave me error message "unspecified interpreter system error. 730 in tc_event, 4055 in window_event, 210 in Main Program." The only option i have is to click continue and once i click on continue option it exits the program.

Re: print failed message ...

BMCHSD ... Before one does the File/Print command, one should first do the File/Page Setup command. When Page Setup opens, it is actually Print Setup!! You need to check that you are using the right Printer and that all its setup info is what you want. When you're satisfied, then you can execute the File/Print command. If your printer is turned ON and your printer has paper installed, you shoulsd be able to get program hard copy.

I don't know why the 'Page Setup' feature of the TB Editor never got corrected to 'Print Setup'. Maybe I'm the only one who noticed that! Regards ... Tom M