Windows Vista 64 bit

I have a Windoews Vista 64 bit Operating system. I tried to install the true basic software and an error came up. The error said contact the software publisher. I contacted the true basic customer service department and they directed me here is there anyone who can help me?


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vikwad ... You should Google 'wow64' and read the wikipedia WoW64 article. If you like the Vista screen features, you should upgrade to Windows 7. For software programs that don't work properly on the 64-bit operating system, Windows 7 has a subsystem that is capable of running 32-bit applications. In Windows you'll see a folder named 'x86'. That's where I install older software like Office 97 Professional. I run Word 97 and Excel 97 on my Windows 7 computers. Regards ... Tom M

Very old

Hi Tom,

This is a very old post that was resurrected by a link spammer - his post is deleted now, thanks for bringing it to my attention!


TB on Vista-64

It will run fine once installed but the installer is still 16-bit which won't run on Vista 64-bit versions. What I had to do is install it on a 32-bit OS, then copy the files over to the 64-bit machine.

True Basic and Vista 64

It really works, I can run all my programs. Thank you !!!
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re: Windows Vista 64 bit

I don't have the 64 bit Vista, but right click on the executable file, go to properties, and see what compatibility choices you have. If you can set the OS for 32 bit XP (or older) compatibility, then try it.