Vertical scroll bar

I purchased the 5.5 True BASIC Bronze book & cd a little over a week ago and also have the book Programming in True BASIC. I have Windows XP home edition, if that matters. I can generate a window based on info in the Programming in True BASIC book, pages 449-450, but can't get a vertical scroll bar. It seems like all I need to do is include vscroll in the attributes list, but no vertical scroll bar appears. My sample program to test this out follows:

LIBRARY "C:\Program Files\TB Bronze\TBLibs\TrueCtrl.trc"
CALL TC_Win_Create (Wid,"TITLE|SIZE|CLOSE|VSCROLL", .1, .9, .6, .9)
CALL TC_Win_SetTitle (Wid,"Vertical Scroll Test")
CALL TC_Show (Wid)
CALL TC_Win_Active (Wid)
CALL TC_WIN_Target (Wid)
FOR i = 1 TO 100
PRINT "This is test line "; STR$(i)
CALL TC_Cleanup

It seems to do everything right except give me the scroll bar, which I'd really like to have for a program I'd like to write that is going to generate more than a screen's worth of text data.

Am I just doing something terribly wrong, which actually is my hope, or does the Bronze edition not support the scrollbar feature?

Thanks for any thoughts on fixing this or letting me know I should abandon it. My alternative is to keep track of lines printed to the screen and then prompting the user to press a key to continue, in which case I can just do that to a regular output window.


Vertical scroll


You won't see the vertical scroll until the window needs one. Get you test program to fill the screen with more text than the window can hold and you will see the scroll appear.

Big John