wheel mouse

I have just changed to vista from xp
when I am in a TB source code I can no longer scroll useing the
wheel on the mouse-- any ideas you wonderfull people.


re: wheel mouse

The TrueBasic editor (any version I'm aware of) does NOT support the wheel for scrolling.


wheel mouse

thanks for observation rtarara.
i could scroll TB source code before with bronze and silver
versions while in XP operating system. since change to Vista 32,
no joy.

Re: wheel mouse

wallydafs ... What version of Vista are you using? 32 bit or 64 bit? Regards ... Tom M

thanks for reply Tom M I'm

thanks for reply Tom M
I'm new to this.
32 bit. Windows Home Premium

Re: wheelmouse

wallydafs ... Thanks. Unfortunately, my emachines computers don't have wheelrodents. Hopefully, "Big John" Arscott or "Tom L" will answer your Forum message.

I assume you know that 64-bit Vista may not be compatible with your TB version (yet). Regards ... Tom M

wheel mouse

Thank you Tom M. Best wishes, Wallydaffs

Mouse Wheels


Mouse wheels are sadly not supported by TB.

The TB editor is written in TrueBASIC so the editor doesn't support mouse wheels either. I have checked this with all three editions: Bronze Silver and Gold on Win95, Win98, Win 2000, WinME, XP and VISTA.

Some third party editors support the wheel but not the TB editor

Big John

wheel mouse

Big John
I have been watching the forum for a couple of years now and have
huge respect for your knowledge and expertise,so I would love to know what you may think is going on.I went back to my oldPackard Bell laptop(easy one silver) with windows xp, running TB silver
version 5.41,which was purchased in Aug 2004, and useing a
microsoft wheel mouse(optical usb & ps/2 compatible) I am at this moment able to scroll TB sauce code useing the wheel.
With respect and thanks Big John.

Mouse wheels


I suspect that the Packard Bell machine you refer to translates mouse wheel data as scroll data, i.e. the software that controls the mouse in some way exports the data from the mouse wheel and fools windows into thinking the data is something else that the TB editor understands. Internally the TB editor uses a built-in sub-routine called SYS_EVENT that interprets mouse input and this routine has no "wheel" option.

You could write a very simple program using
CALL TC_event(0,event$,window,x1,x2)
IF event$>"" and event$<>"REFRESH" then
print event$

This will tell you what "event" TB thinks is being generated by the mouse wheel.

Big John

mouse wheels

thanks Big Jonn for your reply.
I think it must be exactly as you say.
I will indeed use that piece of code see what comes out.
Thanks again for your time.