collaboration welcome on software for recording and analyzing behavior in natural settings

For the last 20 years (yes, I've been using True Basic that long!) I've been developing a suite of programs for recording and analyzing human and animal behavior in natural settings (homes, schools, and elsewhere). I recently posted this public domain software (both bound and as source code) on ( If anyone is interested in collaborating on this project, I'd welcome your help.

There are several things that might be done. (1) I'd like to port the programs to the Macintosh (and even Linux, which I now use) but I only have the Windows version of TB Gold. (2) The ability to code from videotape might be built into the data-collection program, Focal. (3) As a minor point, I'd like to enable the selection of multiple files from the Open File dialog box, but this is not possible in version 5.42 -- has it been implemented in the current release of True Basic?


Bill Roberts,


multiple file selection


The easiest way to achieve multiple file selection is to use a list dialog box. First read all the files in the selected directory and then dispaly the list dialog box containing the file list. The dialog box will allow multiple selections.

Big John

selecting multiple files from the Open File dialogue box

Yes, this in fact is what I have done -- the Open File dialogue box allows the user to change directories, then the list dialogue box allows the user to select multiple files for analysis. But many applications (e.g., NoteTab) allow users to select multiple files directly in the Open File dialogue box, and it would be nice if this capability were present in TB, rather than forcing my users through a more cumbersome two-step process.

File selections


I have looked into this problem more closely. You could put the standard GET_FILE dialog box inside a DO...LOOP and accumulate a list of selected files each time you re-show the get-file dialog. Selecting the QUIT button would exit the DO...LOOP.

There is also an undocumented GET_FILE dialog box where you can specify the title e.g. Multiple File selection, and you can redefine the labels on the buttons e.g. SELECT and DONE, instead of OPEN and QUIT.

Big John

opening multiple files

Thanks for this idea, John. If I follow what you're saying, though, files would be selected one at a time, wouldn't they -- one for each cycle of the Do...Loop ? I have 34 data files to open and analyze (one for each case in my sample), and users may have even more -- too many to select one at a time.

Fle selections


The TDX library provides a set of dialog boxes equivalent to TrueDial. The big difference is that the dialog boxes are created from scratch. Essentially, with TDX I can design a special dialog box that allows changes of directory with multiple file selections.

Big John

multiple file selection in Open File dialogue box

Hi, John,
To follow on from my comment above, as you know, the usual convention (at least in the programs I have in mind) is to select the first file, hold down the Shift key and select the last file -- all the files in between are selected. (Holding down the Ctrl key allows non-contiguous files in the dialogue box list to be selected simultaneously.) Given that I have 30 to 100 or more files to open, this is the capability that would be helpful for me. Is it possible to build such a dialogue box using the TDX library?

Special dialog box


I don't see any problems with creating a special dialog box for multiple file selection. I don't know how my dialog boxes react to using the shift key when selecting the last in a block of files but I will check.

Big John