3D Plotting

Does anyone have a TB program that plots 3D data points that includes the coordinate axes?
Alternatively, is there a TB library program for plotting on 3D coordinate axes?


Re: TB's 3D software and a TB program

jimf ... The 3-D Graphics Toolkit that comes with TB Gold is a folder in the Gold edition, and that folder has in it numerous 3D Demo programs and a 58-page manual.

I wrote one 3D program named FLOATCUBE.TRU that demonstrates 3D animation. The 3 orthogonal axes are displayed. The "camera" is located in the +x, -y and +z space quadrant. The 3D object is the familiar "cut cube", and it is located in the +x, +y and +z space quadrant. The cut cube rotates slowly around all three axes at the center of the cube. The three displayed xyz axes are stationary. Regards ... Tom M

3D Plotting

Thanx Tom for your reply. I am upgrading to Gold. In the meantime, I found a great algorithm in
Mortenson ME. Mathematics for Computer Graphics Applications, 2nd Ed, 1999, pp. 318-321, that I can use to plot my points.
This forum's help has really kept my research going.

Re: computer graphics book

jimf ... The book I have is "Mathematical Elements for Computer Graphics Second Edition", by David F Rogers and J Alan Adams. It's about 600 pages. I bought it from True BASIC Inc, in October 2003. Chapter Three, Three-Dimensional Transformations and Projections was what I needed to be sucessfull writing 3D TB programs. A small part of Chapter 3 is what one sees in the Gold 3DTK 58-page manual. Regards ... Tom M