Problem with "CALL TC_PushBtn_Create" Help needed ASAP.

I am using TrueBASIC vers 5.41a on a PC with Windows XP Pro. I have been having problems with using the "CALL TC_PushBtn_Create" in a program.

First, the button id number is wrong. My program has eight buttons, to which I have assigned IDs 1 thru 8, but when I did the event check, "CALL TC_Event," it would not work. In debugging it I found the problem. The button IDs reported by "CALL TC_Event" did not match the IDs I had assigned to the buttons in "CALL TC_PushBtn_Create." When I click the buttons that I labelled as 1 thru eight, "CALL TC_Event" reports the button IDs as 103 thru 110.

I corrected for this in the program, but when I compile the program, the button IDs change again to different IDs! I know they have changed in the complied program, because the buttons do the wrong tings, or nothing at all, indicating buttons ID changes.

How do I fix this?

Has anyone else reported this problem?

I can email the program code if it helps to diagnose the problem.

Thanks for any help.