Modifying format

Is it possible to modify Ture Baisc's "do format" formatting so that it won't capitalize key words?

Some 20 years ago, while "True Basic gurua" in the Dartmouth math dept, I was able to do this by getting the code of the format program and modifying it myself. But I said then, and continued to say now, that indentinting without capitalization _should_ just be an option that the True Basic user can choose.

(I prefer any computer program I write to look as much as possible like a Shakespeare sonnet, and as little as possible like a BASIC program back in the old days when a program had to be written with line numbers and SCREAMING CAPITALS. Despite his own fondness for those ugly capitals, which I used to tease him about, I'm quite sure that if John Kemeny were still alive today he'd agree that my wanting to avoid them is quite reasonable.)

John Finn
Winooski, Vermont


Re: Modifying format

Sure. Use the nocap switch in the DO command:

DO FORMAT, nocap

Of course you can't run from the menu you'll have to type in the DO FORMAT from the command line.