Printing workaround

I have the same TB program installed on two computers, both of which have access to the same HP printer.

One is an XP computer, the other is Vista, so they each have different print drivers.

I can print from the TB program on the XP computer, but not the Vista one. On the Windows Vista machine the printer just sits there like it heard nothing from the TB program.

I assume this issue is being addressed somewhere? My program is being used by a few other people who have similar problems with HP printers. (I'm using Gold 5.42b - I couldn't use 5.5, the text gadgets in my program didn't work right.)

Anyway, I do have a workaround if anyone else is in my position - here's how I print now - I write my text out to a file, then do this:

LET chain$="!notepad /p File_To_Print"
CHAIN chain$,return

Notepad pops up for a fraction of a second and vanishes, then the text prints.