Need Help importing images

Hey, Im im 8th grade, and i need help figuring out how to import images into True Basic Bronze. Can anyone help?



its just there, its calling ur image, not a subprogram.

Yo YO Devaughn

what you need to put in is:

CALL Read_Image("ms bmp",money$,"yourfilename.bmp")
! finds your image and defines it
Call read_image("jpeg",-----,-------) ! for a jpeg
set window 0,200,0,200
! set your window (i dont think u need to though)

BOX SHOW money$ at x,y
! x is the point on the x-axis where ur image is and y is the y-axis, put numbers in there. toy around until u find a good placement.

hope this helps.

-also, if u have a skeleton, can u email it to me.

- muhammad


Okay, thanks
but do i need a subprogram for the CALL statement, or is that just there?

Re: CALL_Read_Image ...

devaughn95 ... the subject statement is a built-in subroutine in TB Bronze, Silver and Gold. Regards ... Tom M