Forms editor, beta testing 5.605

When trying to use the forms editor the objects menu does appear but is does not contain any objects. If I click on the menu it causes and error and stops the editor.

The editor does produce a file when exiting and it seems to be okay but it won't run. Error message " Can't find files, these are the new libraries listed at the top of the form.

I am using XP home version with all services packs. I also have TB Bronze and True basic Professional on this computer.

Any info on why this problem is occurring?




Hi Herman,

The FORMS.exe program probably has a destination directory for the library modules that doesn't exist on your computer. I need to change this destination to a directory that was installed when you installed the beta version. I thought I had done this earlier, but it appears not.

Errors like this don't show up on my computer because I do have the right destination directory on all my computers so FORMS always works for me.

Big John