Sound in true basic

I am having trouble in putting sound in true basic and was wondering if someone could help me. I keep getting either wrong type or illegal expression. Can you give me a basic code to make a simple sound and explain. Thank you.


Re: Sounds ...

edkbsw ... In the TB Bronze manual, Chapter 17, "Sound and Music", there is a program listing that, when RUN, plays the tune "On Top of Old Smoky". In the TB Silver manual, Chapter 15, you will find the program listing for "Amazing Grace". These should get you started.

TB's SOUND statement - like SOUND 440, 10 - is also described. Regards ... Tom M

re: Sound

However, one needs to understand that TrueBasic will only makes sounds using the internal speaker in your computer. One of the weaknesses of the language is lack of direct support for sound cards. You CAN write routines in C or some other external language and then incorporate these into your true basic--played around with such at one point with the help of Chris Sweeney--but you really need to know what your doing to actually use external (other language) subroutines, and I never figured that one out. Chaining to an external program is relatively easy, but since one normally would want sounds integrated into the program--not played separately--True Basic is extremely limited.