What code is it to change font and font size?



I found the code in the FAQ section. I hope it helps you.

DIM v(1)
LET fn$ = "Courier" ! Or any other font available on your machine
LET fs$ = "Bold" ! Or Plain, Italic, BoldItalic
LET v(1) = 14 ! Size in points, 1 pint = 1/72 inch
CALL Object (2, 0, "FONT NAME|FONT STYLE|FONT SIZE", fn$ & "|" & fs$, v())
SET COLOR "red" ! Or any other color you desire
PRINT "Hello"

re: Fonts

If you have the TrueControls library, it is easier

CALL TC_Win_SetFont (WID,"COURIER NEW",12,"bold")

where WID is the window ID (established when you create the window). The second parameter is clearly the font name, the third the fontsize, and the last the fontstyle which can be "Plain", "Bold", "Italic", or "Bold Italic".