Missing bcode

I have a number of programs written and bound using True Basic Silver version 5.41c. They run perfectly on the desktop of Windows VISTA. When I put them into a folder or a folder inside another folder, instead of running they give the error message "this application has no bcode". When I take them out of the folder they again run perfectly. What is wrong? How do I fix it?


re:missing bcode

Sorry that this sat so long, haven't checked this forum lately. I know the answer to this one.

This version of TrueBasic (fixed in the newest versions) could only handle 128 character path names. Since the full path name includes a lot of stuff even before you get to your folder names, it is easy for that path to get too long. I distributed a note with all my software until version 5.5x (which fixes the problem) to warn users to keep the software pretty close to the root directory of their disk (or desktop). That is the only fix...other than upgrading.

Rick Tarara