Multiplication Error

I wrote this program to solve for the product of two variables but the result is wrong:

DECLARE DEF h_conv$,h_prod$,h_out$
LIBRARY "HugeLibs.trc"

! declare huge a,b,c

LET h_A$ = h_conv$(3428234884343)
LET h_B$ = h_conv$(3246231758321)

LET h_C$ = h_prod$(h_A$,h_B$)

PRINT h_out$(h_C$)


The result is: 11128845150249820000000000

But it should be: 11128844956538166962868103



Re: huge program

Brightstar ... If you haven't fixed your program listing yet, you can email me your unconverted source program listing to debug. If the listing in your Forum message IS the program you wrote, it's likely that it is incompatible with the Tom Kurtz's Huge domain. I've written a second Huge multiplication program that is different from the first one I wrote and it gives the correct answer also. Regards ... Tom M

Re: Huge number math

Brightstar ... A couple of days ago I wrote a TB ver 5 program that multiplies two Huge numbers and displays the result. Using your two Huge numbers my program displays the correct result. I followed the instructions given in Tom Kurtz's "Huge Arithmetic Toolkit" pdf article. Your DECLARE DEF statement has left out something. Regards ... Tom M