Importing .gif s

How come this code isn't working?
CALL READ_IMAGE("gif",button$,"test.gif")
do you need to call the gif something else?

(I already read the post at the bottom)


Thanks ^^

Thanks! I appreciate how you guys took the time to help a new user to true basic like me. Thanks again!

re: importing gifs

Read Image (to my knowledge) does not support reading .gif files. Use a graphics program to open the gif and resave it as a jpg or bmp file and then you can use Read Image,


How do you read bmps?

i converted the image to a bmp, but i couldn't figure out how to read it.
could you explain how to a little bit more?

thanks again
fallen shadow


fallen shadow ... The imagetype$ must be exactly "MS BMP". Regards ... Tom M


To be even more specific, the following reads the file ball.bmp into the variable named ball$. The file ball.bmp must be in the same directory as the program containing the command below or else you must include the directory information with the file name. The second example would be if the file existed on the 'C' drive, in a TRUEBASIC folder, in a GRAPHICS folder

CALL read_image("MS BMP",ball$,"ball.BMP")

CALL read_image("MS BMP",ball$,"C:\TRUEBASIC\GRAPHICS\ball.BMP")

Hope this makes it perfectly clear! ;-)