Forum Security

Looks like a different security system is needed for this forum. Idiots keep spamming it despite the 'math problem' security. Don't these fools understand that NOBODY reading this forum will pay any attention to their solicitations--if anything, we will all be set dead against whatever they are pushing.



Forum security


I'm workin' on it - very sorry for the problems with the spammers. I try to stay ahead of them but looks like they got the better of me in the last 24 hours.

Thanks for your patience,




I tightened up the CAPTCHA settings for posting on the forums on Sunday, and it seems to have (at least temporarily) eliminated the spam posting. I apologize if this is slowing any of you down - I'm happy to give any of our legitimate users permission to skip it, as you like, just let me know.

Thanks for your patience,




Good to know someone is really keeping tabs here. I don't mind the security steps. When the list gets spammed with a dozen messages at a time it becomes difficult to pick out the legitimate messages--especially if one tries to avoid reading the spam altogether. Again, thanks. ;-)


You're welcome!

I felt your pain - I had to delete them all one at a time... :) I'm very pleased that it seems to have put a stop to it for now.