Library for GPIB card

I'm a graduate student Young Jin Kang working at the Electroceramics Laboratory in POSTECH (Pohang University of Science and Technology), South Korea.
Few month ago, my laboratory purchased the 'True BASIC Gold 5.5 (Book+CD)' and well received the product.
Since the PCs in my laboratory are too old, I'm planning to buy a new PC with Windows XP. And my laboratory is using the equipments with GPIB cable( to connect the PC).
I had been using the old version of the 'True BASIC' for MS-DOS. In old version, it has the library that controls the GPIB card (a board in PC) which was named as 'TBGPIB.trc'.
However, I couldn't find the corresponding library that controls the GPIB card in new version 'True BASIC 5.5'.
I'm wondering if there is a library which controls the GPIB card.
If now, I want to know how to control GPIB card.

If this function is not supported in 'True BASIC 5.5', my purchase for 'True BASIC 5.5' becomes useless.

I'm looking forward to see the reply with detail explanation for above question.


re: GPIB

Try just using the old .trc library file in the 5.5 version. Many of the old libraries continue to work just fine and you may find this to be the case here.